phpBB Access Theme by Tom S.


As I firmly believe in the free software philosophy, in this archive you will find files that were primarily designed for use with the phpBB version 2.0.x forum software that is available from


Assistance for files obtained for the Access themes is available via the Support Forum and not via email.

Support details for files not originating from the KISCHAT web site is not available.

Contents Of This Archive

Theme Name: Access

File Version: 1.11

Date: December 18, 2003

phpBB version: 2.0.6


Installation of any phpBB theme is the same and the only differences lie in the name of the theme/template. In the below instructions we will use Access as an example - you should replace Access with the name of the template you are installing and in this case if you are installing Access you will use it.

Uncompress the distribution archive (using such as Winzip) into your phpBB templates directory, making sure that the file and directory structure is retained, e.g. phpBB/templates/Access/

Log into the phpBB Administration Panel.

Click on Add under the Styles Administration title.

If all is present and correct you should see the Access name listed under Style and Template. Click on Install at the side of the Access name under the Action title.

The theme should then be available for you and your users to choose from.

Top Bar Language Support

This release of the Access theme supports language specific top bar images by a simple addition to the page_header.php file;

This MODification is very simple to install and requires only one change to the page_header.php file that can be found in the includes directory (e.g. phpBB/includes/page_header.php). As with any other change to the files on your forum you should make a back up copy of your files before editing anything.


Open includes/page_header.php


'T_SPAN_CLASS3' => $theme['span_class3'],

Add this After;

'LANG' => 'lang_'.$board_config['default_lang'].'/',

How To Use Language Specific Images
Once you have made this change you can add language specific image support in your templates/themes by simply adding {LANG} in the image path like this;

<img src="templates/fiapple/images/{LANG}top_bar_search.gif" width="80" height="26" border="0" alt="{L_SEARCH}" title="{L_SEARCH}" />


This is my first Theme so please submit any errors on in the proper support forum.