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To use GB7DC you will have to program your D-Star Transceiver as follows:-

GB7DC User Transceiver Settings
MyCall Your Call Sign

GB7DC__B (note 2 spaces between the call and 'B')


GB7DC__G (note 2 spaces between the call and 'G')

With these settings above you will be able to speak to local stations on the repeater and also stations coming from the gateway. Below are the basic DTMF functions used to link & unlink reflectors etc.

GB7DC ircDDB Gateway DTMF Commands
DTMF Command Equivalent UR Command Comment
1A or 01A or 001A XRF001AL Link to DExtra reflector XRF001 A
*1C or *01C or *001C REF001CL Link to D-Plus reflector REF001 C
D1B or D102 or D0102 or D00102 DCS001BL Links to DCS reflector DCS001 B
# _______U Unlink
0 or 00 ________I  Trigger a voice announcement

I plan to create a more comprehensive user guide when I have more time.

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